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  • Download our free Implementing an Enterprise Level System Guide

    Implementing new systems is never easy, so we have put together the "6 Key Things You Need to Consider" to assist in making your implementation successful.

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  • We align your processes to your strategy to achieve commercial outcomes

    By effectively aligning your technology, operational processes and people capability with your strategy we can help you achieve your financial and performance outcomes, most importantly – with a commercial focus.

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  • Outcome based frameworks and methods - Filling the gap between business strategy and information technology

    Current EA thinking has moved away from processed based frameworks towards outcome based methodologies that deliver integration between business strategy and information technology. We have developed a proprietary methodology as a structured approach to business transformation

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  • We tailor our services to suit your needs

    We work with you to achieve your defined outcomes, whether that’s business improvement, developing a business or enterprise level architecture or implementing a new enterprise system.

    Central to our approach is our provenframeworks and methods which forms part of the toolset we use to ensure your project has a successful outcome.

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Delivery Management

We work with you to ensure projects are delivered with a strong commercial focus.  We take a leadership role and tailor the delivery and control of projects to suit your requirement.  Our project delivery is based on Prince2 and PMBOK best practice.

We independently advise on application selection and implementation: operational improvement; and business transformation. Our proven track records speaks for itself.

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The Realising-Potential collaborative process provides active engagement from our passionate team. Through our structured framework and active dialogue we challenge, share and educate your team to ensure delivery of key strategic objectives.

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Strategic Performance Architecture

We help you to define the blueprint to determine how your strategic objectives will be achieved.

Using our proven framework provides a shared view of how your key enablers of systems, process, people and information will be aligned to ensure your strategy will be realised. 

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